The menu

The menu

A person can be defined by the way they approach a menu.

Would you like to know what the dish of your life (or season) is?

The ‘Satisfied Ones’ look at the right hand column first.

The ‘Maximisers’ look first to the right, then to the left, then to the right… and when the waiter comes over, they still have to look over the drinks.

Then there are those who eat with their eyes who would ask for numbers 5, 8, and 24, and then there are those who only have eyes for the one sitting opposite and would be happy to simply share a number 6.

For each and every one we have a varied menu based on traditional recipes from elsewhere (and from here) reinvented here (and here).

Carpaccio & Tartar

Beef carpaccio with Idiazábal Cheese and glazed Walnuts
Fresh Seabass Carpaccio with marinated Mushrooms
Tartar of Avocado and Scallops with  tender Garlic sprouts
Steak Tartar with Quina´s Dressing
Tuna tartare in Asian style with wasabi Mayonnaise


Goat Cheese baked with crispy mixed Lettuce, Basil & Mustard dressing


Quina’s Caesar with crispy Chicken bites, Tomatoes, Croutons, Parmesan and Dressing


Avocado & Watermelon with Feta Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber & fresh Mint-Lemon



Ravioli filled with Truffles and Porcini Mushrooms served a la Creme


Imperial Curry of Shrimp , Clams and Fish loin served with Basmati rice


Lacquered Salmon with Miso and Celery cream with crunchy Arugula


Seabass Fillet with Pumpkin cream in Thai style, Potatoes confit & tender Chives


Grilled Tuna tataki, Sesame, caramelized Onions, green Asparagus and Soy sauce


Medallions of Chicken Glazed in Porto wine with Wheat Risotto


Suckling Pig confit with Apple textures and rosemary Potatoes


Black Angus Burguer in Oil Brioche, Smoked Guacamole, Cheddar, roasted Shallots and Bacon with Potatoes


Succulent Grilled “ Black Angus “ Steak 350 grms


Veal Tenderloin Fillet with Truffle Mushrooms sauce and Potatoes


Chicken with spicy Green Curry and Coconut milk, Broccoli, Leeks & Pumpkin served with basmati Rice



Fine Iberian Ham  – 150 grms
Homemade Iberian Ham Croquettes -5 u.  
Pimientos de Padrón & sea Salt
Calamari rings with Lime Mayonnaise
Patatas Bravas 
Creamy Hummus with Tahini & caramelized Onions
Eggplant & Tomatoes y Tomatoes  in Zaalouk style

Pintxo Caliente

Cod fish Fillet topped with Alloli & Quince gratin
Medallion of tender Oxtail with creamy Potatoes confit
Prime rib snack in Green Pepper sauce
Pyramid of  grilled Vegetables with melted goat Cheese
Grilled Foie fillet with baked Apple and crispy Onions 
Iberian Pork tenderloin with grilled Goat Cheese

Quina Creu

Quina Creu

Quina Creu

Quina Creu

Quina Creu

Quina Creu